SEDPAK v.4.1 Notes

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Notes about this Release

This release includes the following programs: The binaries were built under the MIT version of the X Window System Version 11, Releases 5, Patch Level 25 and Motif version 1.2.2. We use the MIT X server. Sedpak will execute on any X11R4/R5 compatable server. Current systems supported are the DECstation (ULTRIX 4.3), SPARC (SUNOS 4.1.x), Silicon Graphics (IRIX 5.3) and IBM RS/6000 (AIX 3.2).

Contacting the Stratigraphic Modeling Group at USC

Running Sedpak

The Sedpak system consists of several different programs which work together. See Appendix A. Technical Supplement for more information on how to run Sedpak.

To get help, from the command line, on how to run sedpak, type:

  % sedpak -h
To start the Sedpak Launch menu, type:
  % sedpak

The .sedpakrc User Defaults File

Sedpak looks for additional environment variables in a startup file called .sedpakrc. Copy the dot.sedpakrc file from the sedpak/docs directory to your home directory and rename it to .sedpakrc. Edit the variables XXPRINTER and XXHOME to define the print command and path to your data files respectively. The print command assigned to XXPRINTER is assumed to be postscript compatible.
  % cd
  % cp /usr/local/sedpak/docs/dot.sedpakrc ./.sedpakrc
Using a text file editor (or the options menu from either Sedpak application), edit the file .sedpakrc to reflect your particular system configuration:
  XXHOME /usr/local/sedpak/datasets
  XXLOG ~/seddata
  XXPRINTER "lpr -Plw"
After you are familiar with the sample datasets in the directory /usr/local/sedpak/datasets, you may want Sedpak to access datasets in another directory. For example, suppose that your datasets are in a directory named /smith/sedpak/myData. You would then change XXHOME in the .sedpakrc file to be
  XXHOME /smith/sedpak/myData
Sedpak's file dialogs will then display files in this directory.

Note that if you have been using a previous version of Sedpak and you experience difficulties running the program, check to make sure that your .sedpakrc file is up to date.

Sample Data Files

Data files which are used in the manual exercises and which are provided as examples for the user are located in $XXBASE/datasets. In order to preserve the integrity of the data, we recommend that users make copies of these files if they wish to work with them.

For more assistance, contact  contact the SEDPAK Group,  Tel 803 777-2410, Fax 803 777-6610 or

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